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Wife, mother, cat-tolerator, dog-lover. Knitter, quilter, occasional spinner, random weaver. Reader, writer, eater, runner. Other assorted roles as necessary.

Done but not finished.

With a few things. Most importantly, I am done with the Big Nasty Chemo. This is Last Chemo Selfie – you might even be able to see the peach fuzz a-growin’ on my pate. Treatments are not over, nor have … Continue reading

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Two freaking months?

Really, it’s been that long? Wow. Apologies if this is news you’ve heard, either from Facebook or through the grapevine, but hey, my blog. I have been a busy little bee these days, though not of my own design. In … Continue reading

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Moving on.

I’ve recently started the second half of the morning glories stole, so I’m dreaming of what comes next. (Because just past the halfway mark of a six-and-a-half foot long stole is “almost done”.) Awhile ago I purchased yarn to make … Continue reading

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I use that word a lot these days. It’s turning into a year like that, methinks. Doing things in a big way, making some big strides, getting some big things done! Speaking of which, I embiggened our garden. Last time … Continue reading

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The best revenge is living well

And I am. 😀 I actually believe that I have actually gotten tired of hating people. Oh, there are still things that really frustrate me (Republican leadership and people who believe anything they hear on Fox “news” for example) but … Continue reading

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Baa Baa

Yesterday, just after noon, I finished my little baby sweater for my little, as yet unborn, baby nephew. I’d been telling my SIL, who was a few days past her due date, that, “Baby’s not coming, I haven’t finished the … Continue reading

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Oops, I forgot a title.

Sometimes it’s so hard to be a grown-up and not poke the crazy.  I am so glad I showed that particular drama llama the door (gate?) – life is so much better. Instead, I have sweater adorableness. This little cutie … Continue reading

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I hear tell

that 2014 is the year of mindful living. Hasn’t it been that for a long time? Slow food, slow life, slow hobbies, taking time, paying attention? Hands free, back to nature, all those tasks of drudgery that our mothers and … Continue reading

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I will write a sorta New Year’s post soonish, but after comparing notes with a lovely friend, I should point out that I do not now have, nor have I ever had*, an account on If you have seen … Continue reading

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Good gravy, has it been that long?

Cuz wow. (I was about to call someone today to rant about how I WASNOTNUH-UHNUH-UH late on my training cuz it’d due DECEMBER 15 DUH, and then….Oh, right. Good thing I didn’t send that email.) Well, feh, I went back … Continue reading

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