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Tomorrow my demons will cower at my feet But tonight they lie beside me, intimate, close whispering in my ear.

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Almost through.

Not with treatments, though I’m approaching the tail end of those too. No, I’m almost through with summer. October is when it finally gets beautiful (mostly) here in AZ. It’s still hot during the day (approached 100 this weekend) but … Continue reading

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A mental shift

So, last post I mentioned some garbage going on in my life. Some soul-searching has been happening as result of the garbage – the garbage doesn’t deserve any mention beyond this, but the soul-searching surely does. If this sounds all … Continue reading

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Two freaking months?

Really, it’s been that long? Wow. Apologies if this is news you’ve heard, either from Facebook or through the grapevine, but hey, my blog. I have been a busy little bee these days, though not of my own design. In … Continue reading

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Moving on.

I’ve recently started the second half of the morning glories stole, so I’m dreaming of what comes next. (Because just past the halfway mark of a six-and-a-half foot long stole is “almost done”.) Awhile ago I purchased yarn to make … Continue reading

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I will write a sorta New Year’s post soonish, but after comparing notes with a lovely friend, I should point out that I do not now have, nor have I ever had*, an account on If you have seen … Continue reading

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Good gravy, has it been that long?

Cuz wow. (I was about to call someone today to rant about how I WASNOTNUH-UHNUH-UH late on my training cuz it’d due DECEMBER 15 DUH, and then….Oh, right. Good thing I didn’t send that email.) Well, feh, I went back … Continue reading

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I won’t stand for it.

Is what I thought the first time I heard about the idea of standing up at your desk. Cuz, DUH, that sounds tiring and I’m already tired, yo. Plus my feet hurt, and my back aches, and and and. But … Continue reading

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I can’t just drink it plain.

So, I think it was Lynn who facebooked this post on Buzzfeed. I thought it was a fab idea, so I saved a bottle from one of my recent enjoyments (only rieslings in the summer, darling). At work, one kitchen … Continue reading

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Neverending prooooooJEEEEEEEECCCCTTTTT!

Sung to the tune of Enjoy your earworm. Anyway. The Spiral Galaxy feels like it is light years around the edge and I would really like to knit at the speed of light to get this done. I don’t understand … Continue reading

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