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I won’t stand for it.

Is what I thought the first time I heard about the idea of standing up at your desk. Cuz, DUH, that sounds tiring and I’m already tired, yo. Plus my feet hurt, and my back aches, and and and. But … Continue reading

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I can’t just drink it plain.

So, I think it was Lynn who facebooked this post on Buzzfeed. I thought it was a fab idea, so I saved a bottle from one of my recent enjoyments (only rieslings in the summer, darling). At work, one kitchen … Continue reading

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Neverending prooooooJEEEEEEEECCCCTTTTT!

Sung to the tune of Enjoy your earworm. Anyway. The Spiral Galaxy feels like it is light years around the edge and I would really like to knit at the speed of light to get this done. I don’t understand … Continue reading

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I’m sensing a theme.

*Three weeks of radio silence, one post complaining about how fast time flies, brief talk about knitting and kids. Repeat from *. However! This post will be exactly the same as that. Ha ha, I kid. Because *I* have had … Continue reading

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Blink, blink.

And weeks go by. Whew. Not a whole lot to report. I think the blogging doldrums are here, though I haven’t actually hit the crafting doldrums yet. Blogging is slow because mostly we are going great guns all the time … Continue reading

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Good gravy.

No, I don’t make gravy. But y’all, how did it get to be mid-May end of May? Speaking of that, Smallish Bear is three months almost 15 weeks old. Somebody splain how that happened. It’s been too hot to sit … Continue reading

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So, yeah, it’s May.

And since we last talked about it, I’ve knat THREE rows on a garter square. Sigh. Seriously, I’d just put it away and accept that it ain’t happenin’, but I get real cranky real fast when I don’t do SOMETHING … Continue reading

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First of May

NSFW, unless you have headphones and don’t let the lyrics go a-scrollin’ across your screen.

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I need a new phrase

for “crazy-busy”. My usual phrase is not particularly worksafe and requires some vaguely spherical items (which I don’t have) and a wall. Anyhoo. I have not knat a stitch in two weeks at least. I *am* getting reasonably good nutrition, … Continue reading

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Made it

No, I haven’t actually made anything new, I just made it through my first week back. Smallish Bear didn’t seem to notice a difference, and re-entry wasn’t terrible (though I was BONE TIRED by Friday). We have done reasonably well … Continue reading

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