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What ho? A FO!

Blame Dreamworks and Jon Leguizamo that I think that phrase any time I finish some knitting. Anyway. My monkeys. Deets on Ravelry. It’s really silly that these took so long – for whatever reason, I knat the first one in … Continue reading

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Long overdue, but welcome

I have finished B-Side, and I love it. Pattern: B-Side by Laura Chau Yarn: 10 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, color 09 (verdigris) from the fabulous Joan, and used all but a little bit Size knit: 48 inches Mods: … Continue reading

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The heat is on

Geh.The weekend was not as it was intended to be – we missed a dinner and the cleaning lady we hired for my dad’s house had vehicle problems, so Dad’s place is still The Place Where Dust Goes To Retire. … Continue reading

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I have completed a knit! I know, it’s incredible. Bug hat. One standard roll brim hat with pompom. Anyone know how to make the pompom stay tighter to the hat? I can never get it snug enough.Anyway.Roll brim hat in … Continue reading

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Feeties and FOs

La suggested we should post pictures of feets. Cute feets, preferably. I have risen to the challenge. But first, a FO. Fetchings: They’re so… what’s the word? Started Sunday, 2/25 and finished Wednesday, 2/28Bachelor Button Shine Worsted, from Knitpicks, most … Continue reading

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In all their glory

I have some finished objects. First, Clapotis, finally. Clapotis, here she is! November 8, 2006 to December 21, 2006Henry’s Attic Andromeda, dyed by the artist JessieKnitpicks Options, 5mm Glorious color! My photographic skills are inadequate to show the beauty of … Continue reading

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First Fo of the Year!

Hooray, a red scarf! Scarf and beach towels, a study Pattern: Irish Hiking ScarfYarn: Elann Peruvian Pure Alpaca, in OxbloodNeedles: Knitpicks Options, 5.0mm (US8) Began December 30, 2006Finished and blocked January 23,2007 What a fun scarf, and what soft yarn! … Continue reading

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Oh. My. Gawd. Y’all.

Jessie is a color genius. This is three skeins of Henry’s Attic Andromeda (50/50 wool and silk) she dyed for me when I couldn’t find the color of Lion and Lamb I wanted for my aunt’s Christmas Clapotis. I haven’t … Continue reading

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