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Tis the Freaking Season

Know how I know? Cuz the drivers on the road this fine December morning were even more insane than usual. Prepare to drive your armored tanks for the next 30 or so days until the furor dies down.And speaking of … Continue reading

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Progress of a sort

Last week I was bored, so I wrote the post about how my shawl was done, I dyed it, it was beautiful, etc, intending to add the photos as they happened. From the moment I did that (which coincided with … Continue reading

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Halloween has come and gone. This weekend is our (likely) final trip to Tucson for my remaining stuff. There will be furniture shifting at the house and boxes moving and appliances exchanging, but I think we’ve broken the back of … Continue reading

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More of the same

Yup, fall is slipping away like sands through the hourglass these are the days of our lives. This time of year in the valley is a reward for living in Satan’s armpit through the summer. Windows are open all day … Continue reading

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Feels so good…

To be knitting lace again… First, though, thanks for all the kudos for doing the run. I feel pretty good about the whole thing, and will likely keep it up (though I have given some thought to switching out running … Continue reading

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October. Huh.

I’m not sure how it got to be October. I suspect I was around for June, July, August and September, but it all went so fast I’m not sure I can remember details. We got all of T’s stuff moved … Continue reading

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