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It is no longer February

and I only finished one thing in February anyway. True to form, I am blowing off March’s theme and sticking with February’s for a bit. Cuz I wasn’t playing February anyway, or whatever. Who knows? I have new mommy brain, … Continue reading

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is my sweater, and my sweater is crackers. Okay, not really, but it ain’t gettin’ done for California and it is in an extended timeout for making me count it wrong. Long story short, I couldn’t get the fronts and … Continue reading

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Just cuz I don’t want to go to jail

Is the main reason some of my coworkers live on. (I may resort to making them cry here soon. It won’t take much.) So, when last I posted, I had gone to the naturopath. I should put some fears to … Continue reading

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Whatever on Wednesday

(Which has now been delayed to Thlacking on Thursday. Now I have a lithp.) Everybody who’s anybody is apparently doing the Ten on Tuesday thing. Since I never can do anything in ten minutes, and generally don’t know when it’s … Continue reading

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Well, I was about to title this post “brain broken” but I realized that’s not a theme I really want to emphasize. So. Umm…     /taps foot     /whistling idly   Oh RIGHT! I have knitting. (I have … Continue reading

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Post Holiday Wind-Down

There’s still one holiday left, but people? I can drink at home in my jammies so we are not so much worrying about ringing in the new year with some fab party in uncomfortable shoes drinking expensive, watered down beverages. … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, it’s time.

The doldrums have struck. I haven’t knit a single stitch in weeks. Lynn asked a question about the ASCNH and I realized I had a big ugly thing going on at the “seam”. I laddered down about sixteen stitches wide, … Continue reading

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Dispatches from Hell.

Cuz I can’t believe it’s any hotter there. (Please note our lows.) ****** July 1, and it’s the start of a loooong weekend. For some reason my company gives us two days off for the 4th. Daycare is closed on … Continue reading

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A whole bamn dunch of random.

I figure I’d best get a post in ASAP or even my usual three-posts-a-month might be too much. First, Smacky might once have been Italian.  He says: Who talk-a you Mommy? Daddy take-a da bus? No mac and cheese!  PASTA. … Continue reading

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Bubbling to the surface

I think we have broken the back of my latest illnesses. I am feeling mostly well and have been able to wear shoes for a few weeks now. I still get a little swelling, but that stays in a normal … Continue reading

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