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Thanks for the progress

Hmm, progress has actually been made since last I posted, less than two weeks ago. Feast or famine around here with the knitting, and since I was feasting on food I didn’t cook and sitting in a house I didn’t … Continue reading

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Couldn’t stand it.

The monotony of trying to come up with a blog post while knitting the same. old. thing. I had finally realized I should pay attention to the midpoint of my second ball of yarn, realizing I didn’t have enough left … Continue reading

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Monogamous knitting makes for boring blogging.

Good thing boring is my specialty. So, mostly due to the fact that I have now (FINALLY) figured out how to read Atalanta without looking at the pattern, I have been chugging along. I’ve finished my first ball and have … Continue reading

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Still hot, still sick, still here.

I am starting to think that what “morning sickness” I have now is what I’m stuck with, which is kinda not my favorite thing. I’m not medicated anymore but I am mainlining peppermint iced tea. Not sure if it helps, … Continue reading

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Just cuz I don’t want to go to jail

Is the main reason some of my coworkers live on. (I may resort to making them cry here soon. It won’t take much.) So, when last I posted, I had gone to the naturopath. I should put some fears to … Continue reading

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Ignoring the knitting for now

I’m doing it, a little here and there, but no photos. The panda silk I bought last week is lovely in atalanta sideways, and that is an enjoyable knit. (Until you get to those weird rows with the funky border … Continue reading

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