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Progress report!

Much progressing has progressed. First! Happy Buddha-baby is happy. And round. Next! Silly Juniper-pup is silly. And round. (This picture belies that, but trust me.) Third! Mustard is very happy in my garden. I think I am going to pull … Continue reading

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I was bored.

I didn’t have enough to do. Really, I had aaaaaalllll this free time, and then T said I could, so I got a puppy. Cuz, puppies. (Stats: lab/shepherd mix, female, about 10 weeks, probably named Juniper.) Also, baby Bib Fortuna: … Continue reading

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Expecting the same results

Y’all know that definition of insanity, so I don’t have to repeat it here. Powerful delusion, though. Lately, it manifested itself in the belief that my life would settle down once Bug started school again. *WHY* I thought this, I … Continue reading

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More fud.

So, a few updates: cranberry pumpkin scones: a bit dry, (way too dry for the craisins, IMHO) and too much nutmeg so they taste bitter. Next time I will halve the nutmeg (at least), maybe leave out a bit of … Continue reading

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It had to end sometime…

…maternity leave, that is. Sigh. I got NOTHING done that I wanted to get done, including cleaning/reorganizing the house, spinning the cupcakes, quilting the quilt, knitting the blankets. I did get about half the Doctor Who episodes watched, but will … Continue reading

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What a good shearing will do. But first! The schmatta of Cookie. Isn’t it cute? (The color on this is all weird. The schmatta itself really is that lovely forest-y green, but my baby is not orange in real life.) … Continue reading

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I make pretty things.

Many (most? all?) of you have seen this news on Facebook, but for those who haven’t, here are the details. Project: Jasper James Charles Stark Pattern: My own Gauge: 19.25″, 7lb 12oz Started: Sometime in late May (I didn’t write … Continue reading

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Didn’t I post before this?

I could have sworn I’d had a post between 1/25 and now, but I guess not. Meh. And since apparently my work now blocks my own site I can’t check very well. Anyway, I am still gestating and still annoyed … Continue reading

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What day is this?

Cuz I can’t seem to remember any more. We are insanely busy with all the birthing/baby classes we put off (denial is our favorite coping mechanism) and the boys’ sports and avoiding prepping the house for new residents. (Fortunately, we … Continue reading

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It just tells you what it wants to be

and sometimes you just gotta go with it. And, I think I talked too much about adding dangly bits to my shawl, because I seem to be adding dangly bits everywhere – this here baby I’m gestating is another boy. … Continue reading

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