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Expecting the same results

Y’all know that definition of insanity, so I don’t have to repeat it here. Powerful delusion, though. Lately, it manifested itself in the belief that my life would settle down once Bug started school again. *WHY* I thought this, I … Continue reading

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What day is this?

Cuz I can’t seem to remember any more. We are insanely busy with all the birthing/baby classes we put off (denial is our favorite coping mechanism) and the boys’ sports and avoiding prepping the house for new residents. (Fortunately, we … Continue reading

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So, I have some knitting. Last time (here) I was knitting some Smacky clogs. I bought a new plunger and cleaned out the kitchen sink and thought I’d plunge them to felt them. I worked on that for all of … Continue reading

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Back for a bit

It’s still hot as all get out here. Last year the weather was the same – mid 110s for weeks in August. I thought last year was an anomaly (Tucson has started to cool down with the monsoons by now) … Continue reading

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What ho? A FO!

Blame Dreamworks and Jon Leguizamo that I think that phrase any time I finish some knitting. Anyway. My monkeys. Deets on Ravelry. It’s really silly that these took so long – for whatever reason, I knat the first one in … Continue reading

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Where’s that clone?

Cuz someone needs to go to work for me so I can remain in my comfy home and knit and spin and not talk to people. Alas, that’s prolly not going to happen. I passed on a Craig’s List loom … Continue reading

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Well, I was about to title this post “brain broken” but I realized that’s not a theme I really want to emphasize. So. Umm…     /taps foot     /whistling idly   Oh RIGHT! I have knitting. (I have … Continue reading

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I am going to invent nose corks

That you can stuff up your nose to stop the running and the sniffling while you’re in public. (Cuz at night you just stuff tissues in your nose, but while at work you must be a little more presentable.) 7 … Continue reading

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Oh yes I did.

First, let me just say: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IT’S OCTOBER!!!! I put up the Christmas countdown. Those of you who don’t knit for Christmas, who don’t celebrate Christmas, or who prefer to live in denial, feel free to ignore. But if I … Continue reading

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Late with the weekly post

Because I’m late with everything. Sigh.Still hanging in over here. DH has had all the testing that his PCP (an internist who specializes in diabetes) knows to do, so he’s been referred to three separate specialists in an attempt to … Continue reading

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