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Dyeing Crocheting Knitting Spinning

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Oops, forgot a title again.

“…I asked if she had any regrets or unresolved issues she needed us to help with and she told me she didn’t. ‘I had fun. We laughed so much.’” -The Bloggess Imagine getting to the end of your life and … Continue reading

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Progress of a sort

Last week I was bored, so I wrote the post about how my shawl was done, I dyed it, it was beautiful, etc, intending to add the photos as they happened. From the moment I did that (which coincided with … Continue reading

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Feels so good…

To be knitting lace again… First, though, thanks for all the kudos for doing the run. I feel pretty good about the whole thing, and will likely keep it up (though I have given some thought to switching out running … Continue reading

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October. Huh.

I’m not sure how it got to be October. I suspect I was around for June, July, August and September, but it all went so fast I’m not sure I can remember details. We got all of T’s stuff moved … Continue reading

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Beginning the week, beginning the month

First, a flower for Joan. My geranium is blooming again. Today starts the JoanCookieLace project. I wound the yarn, I found the needles, I am paralyzed and have not started yet. Sigh.When DH is gone for any length of time … Continue reading

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Flowers for Joan, and other things.

ETA: I think Haloscan is down. (Either that, or they spontaneously decided to dump me.) That means no comments until ees feeksed. Ees feeksed! Ees no feekst again. It appears ees really feekst this time. YMMV. Valentine’s weekend we went … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday

Okay, not really, but it wasn’t all bad. This was actually a pretty productive weekend. I cleaned a little, purged the guest room a little, knitted a little, decorated a little. I even planted the amaryllis I bought a month … Continue reading

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D’ya ever wonder

Why all my posts are about Random? (Hint: it’s cuz my life is like that. All. Over. The. Place.)No babies yet. This is the good thing about posting infrequently – if I posted every day and then missed a day … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday and I have no desire to do anything today. DH went to a Harley rodeo yesterday and I stayed home and cleaned the house and knitted on the sea silk. Today I’m done with the cleaning, and the … Continue reading

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