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What a good shearing will do. But first! The schmatta of Cookie. Isn’t it cute? (The color on this is all weird. The schmatta itself really is that lovely forest-y green, but my baby is not orange in real life.) … Continue reading

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I make pretty things.

Many (most? all?) of you have seen this news on Facebook, but for those who haven’t, here are the details. Project: Jasper James Charles Stark Pattern: My own Gauge: 19.25″, 7lb 12oz Started: Sometime in late May (I didn’t write … Continue reading

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I blinked.

And then it was mid November. I am getting slowly bigger (though not actually gaining any weight – that’s kinda cool) and quickly more surly. I still feel nasty about half the time and tired the rest of the time … Continue reading

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Just cuz I don’t want to go to jail

Is the main reason some of my coworkers live on. (I may resort to making them cry here soon. It won’t take much.) So, when last I posted, I had gone to the naturopath. I should put some fears to … Continue reading

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All to posts fit that the random.

Ayup. The heat, my lovies, she is broken.  We have had several days in a row of below-100 highs, and even one night got to a low of 70 degrees.  This after about six weeks where the low never got … Continue reading

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You people.

Here I post about DH’s reaction to my weird dream, and you all chide me for subconsciously picking Jessica Simpson instead of some hotter, brainier chick. ;-PThe Lene Socks are washed and dried and awaiting the rest of their little … Continue reading

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Ugh Sunday.

So, thanks for all the input last time. I do plan to buy the Beaverslide. I have the color all picked out and everything, and now it’s just a matter of finishing up the Lene socks so I can allow … Continue reading

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It’s all Cookie’s fault, as usual

I think Stacey used that title for her goals too, but hey, whatever works. Cookie‘s one of those pushers who is subtle enough that you don’t even realize the brainwashing. It’s true. Try to resist her.Anyway, the idea behind this … Continue reading

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Holiday Hangover

Wow. Has it really only been four days since I posted? I feel like I’ve been run through the wringer, in a good way. (In another generation, will anyone know what that phrase means?)We traveled to Phoenix to spend Christmas … Continue reading

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