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Stuff I Need to Know, and stuff I figured out

Stuff I need to know: How do you ply the godawful crap singles you spin on your spindle? Does it require extra equipment? I can’t find anything online, so I’m lost. (I’m sure it’s there, I am just not searching … Continue reading

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Well, wouldja lookit that?

I blew right past my one-year blogging anniversary. Right past. Counting by this here blog, my first post was on 3/7/06. I had briefly toyed with Livejournal prior to this, making my real inaugural post 1/31/06, but I hated Livejournal … Continue reading

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Monday bites

HARD.I am having A Day. It’s 9:30, and the day is already screwed beyond redemption, I think. It may end up being just an “eh” day, but for now, I’m ready to write it off and start over on Tuesday.This … Continue reading

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