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I use that word a lot these days. It’s turning into a year like that, methinks. Doing things in a big way, making some big strides, getting some big things done! Speaking of which, I embiggened our garden. Last time … Continue reading

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Many of you thought that kitten was screaming and/or holding on for dear life. (Which, in context, I suppose I will be doing next year too. Especially given that I realized yesterday I have 7.5 weeks at the absolute most, … Continue reading

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Back for a bit

It’s still hot as all get out here. Last year the weather was the same – mid 110s for weeks in August. I thought last year was an anomaly (Tucson has started to cool down with the monsoons by now) … Continue reading

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Holy bovine!

One year while visiting Montana, we were driving someplace with my FIL (who I think has said all of 12 words in the time I’ve know him). We pointed out some cows to Bug, and Grampa said, “Those are summer … Continue reading

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Bubbling to the surface

I think we have broken the back of my latest illnesses. I am feeling mostly well and have been able to wear shoes for a few weeks now. I still get a little swelling, but that stays in a normal … Continue reading

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Here’s the obligatory new year’s resolution post. Only, resolutions mean you are going to do something. (Or stop doing something.) Exercise more, eat less junk, less time on the computer, knit from stash, knit every day, knit something every month, … Continue reading

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August is the time for not-knitting. Since I can’t access my own blog from work (am writing this in a word processor) I can’t go back and look for info, but I vaguely remember late-summer doldrums in many of the … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

making visible progress on my second sleeve. seeing the gazillion year old dude lifting major weights and running on the treadmill at the gym. heading upstairs to see where T went, having gone up to tuck in Bug 20 minutes … Continue reading

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A remedy for yesterday, plus Eye Candy

A big longer than yesterday’s video, but OH. SO. WORTH. IT. (provided to me by Cindy) (ETA: apparently the comments aren’t working right. if you feel inclined to comment and can’t, lemme know and I will bug the ID people … Continue reading

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Work through the pain

Thanks to Lynn in Tucson for inflicting this upon me sending this to me…

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