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A mental shift

So, last post I mentioned some garbage going on in my life. Some soul-searching has been happening as result of the garbage – the garbage doesn’t deserve any mention beyond this, but the soul-searching surely does. If this sounds all … Continue reading

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And woodja lookit that?

It’s three months later. Man, you blink ’round these parts… Anyway, I have nothing to tell. It’s blasted hot and I’m busy as a busy thing. Boys are back in school, and this year Smacky joins the ranks of the … Continue reading

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It had to end sometime…

…maternity leave, that is. Sigh. I got NOTHING done that I wanted to get done, including cleaning/reorganizing the house, spinning the cupcakes, quilting the quilt, knitting the blankets. I did get about half the Doctor Who episodes watched, but will … Continue reading

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What a good shearing will do. But first! The schmatta of Cookie. Isn’t it cute? (The color on this is all weird. The schmatta itself really is that lovely forest-y green, but my baby is not orange in real life.) … Continue reading

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I have knat some, and cleaned some, and paid attention to my diet some. Today, though, I have baby pictures. Baby hummers! In the tree outside my front window. I personally think the little buggers are repellent, but I know … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, it’s time.

The doldrums have struck. I haven’t knit a single stitch in weeks. Lynn asked a question about the ASCNH and I realized I had a big ugly thing going on at the “seam”. I laddered down about sixteen stitches wide, … Continue reading

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Dispatches from Hell.

Cuz I can’t believe it’s any hotter there. (Please note our lows.) ****** July 1, and it’s the start of a loooong weekend. For some reason my company gives us two days off for the 4th. Daycare is closed on … Continue reading

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And this is why I’m jealous of your snow/rain/cold/clouds.

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wha? where am i?

welcome to february, my lovies. here we are, five weeks into the new year. is it just me or does that seem crazy-long and also not nearly long enough? on one hand i can’t believe it’s already february 7, and … Continue reading

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Feels so good…

To be knitting lace again… First, though, thanks for all the kudos for doing the run. I feel pretty good about the whole thing, and will likely keep it up (though I have given some thought to switching out running … Continue reading

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