Good gravy.

No, I don’t make gravy. But y’all, how did it get to be mid-May end of May? Speaking of that, Smallish Bear is three months almost 15 weeks old. Somebody splain how that happened. It’s been too hot to sit … Continue reading

So, yeah, it’s May.

And since we last talked about it, I’ve knat THREE rows on a garter square. Sigh. Seriously, I’d just put it away and accept that it ain’t happenin’, but I get real cranky real fast when I don’t do SOMETHING … Continue reading

More fud.

So, a few updates: cranberry pumpkin scones: a bit dry, (way too dry for the craisins, IMHO) and too much nutmeg so they taste bitter. Next time I will halve the nutmeg (at least), maybe leave out a bit of … Continue reading

Recipe rundown

Since last post I’ve tried a few different things. I am not a natural cook – I need a recipe for nearly everything unless I’ve made it several times, and only then will I try to make adjustments, so many … Continue reading

I need a new phrase

for “crazy-busy”. My usual phrase is not particularly worksafe and requires some vaguely spherical items (which I don’t have) and a wall. Anyhoo. I have not knat a stitch in two weeks at least. I *am* getting reasonably good nutrition, … Continue reading