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Playing along

(ETA proper linkiness and the warning that people are totally weird today and it’s freaking me out. If I don’t post for a while, somebody check the Tucson area police blotter to see if I need to post bail.) So, … Continue reading

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Some questions

The ever-brilliant GayProf sent me some questions to answer, as part of a sort of personally-tailored meme. (It’s personally tailored in that he got to pick different questions for everyone who wanted them.) My answers follow. 1. What is the … Continue reading

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Silent Poetry Reading

I wasn’t going to participate, as I’m not a huge fan of most poetry, but Wendy reminded me of why I love Ogden Nash. Celery Celery, rawDevelops the jaw,But celery, stewed,Is more quietly chewed. Ogden Nash

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a meme and more weird stuff

Bug screamed for 8 minutes last night. I think it might be working. DH slept in the camper and felt refreshed, so we’re getting there.Oh, and I would like to thank whatever nut first thought of using cabbage leaves to … Continue reading

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Okay, three times in two days I have read about this, and Norma has guilted spurred me to participate. It’s fun to think about not only messing with the Muggles, but throwing their sociology experiments a loop. Knitters have long … Continue reading

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Chaotic Rants Of A Card Carrying Dreamer

I have the barfing flu today, so I am home trying to not think about barfing. Bug made it extra hard this morning while he ate his banana slices. Bananas make me gag on a good day, but when I’m … Continue reading

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a meme

Cuz it’s a contest, and I can’t not enter a contest. 1. Where is your favorite knitting spot? My cushy chair with ottoman. I have good lighting (at night – during the day my knitting is backlit by the picture … Continue reading

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