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Is it winter yet?

Schools in the Phoenix area start about a month earlier than they did when I was attending them, a million years ago. For reasons I can’t quite explain, even though I *know* school is starting earlier, I still have this … Continue reading

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That knitting stuff

I done some! I started Spiral Galaxy for T’s Aunt J for Christmas (yes, I did just say that, and no, I won’t take it back. You’ve been avenged already.) The pattern has information for worsted, sport and lace, and … Continue reading

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Enter title here

But only if you wanna. Hmm. Long time no post. Lessee. I am now a year older than when I last posted. For my birthday I took two days off and had a four day weekend, whilst everyone else went … Continue reading

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Dispatches from Hell.

Cuz I can’t believe it’s any hotter there. (Please note our lows.) ****** July 1, and it’s the start of a loooong weekend. For some reason my company gives us two days off for the 4th. Daycare is closed on … Continue reading

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Hanging on

by the skin of my teeth. Nothing much has been going on because, as per usual, it is spring and I have been felled by a series of illnesses. Strep in February, a complication from same from then until now, … Continue reading

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Oh sister mercy

Someone has a wild hair… Apologies for the long absences. Mostly I knit slow and have nothing to show. Also, last week I was hit with strep (went to the ER and TOLD them it was strep but they didn’t … Continue reading

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Halloween has come and gone. This weekend is our (likely) final trip to Tucson for my remaining stuff. There will be furniture shifting at the house and boxes moving and appliances exchanging, but I think we’ve broken the back of … Continue reading

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Christmas is in the bag

I am totally cruising on my shawl, have plenty of time to finish it and the other (already well in progress) projects I want to gift – the scarf, the hat, the slippers… I have a plan for baking cookies … Continue reading

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Get in, sit down, shut up and hold on.

Cuz it’s fall, and that means it’s time for the crazy bidness of life to resume. I have said before that our fall is like the spring after a long, nasty winter. Everyone wants to get outside, to plan things, … Continue reading

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Almost up.

The time, that is.This weekend was all about the Christmas. We got our tree, I baked and baked and cleaned and baked, and STILL only had four batches of goodies. We had friends over for holiday light watching and cookies, … Continue reading

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