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Where’s that clone?

Cuz someone needs to go to work for me so I can remain in my comfy home and knit and spin and not talk to people. Alas, that’s prolly not going to happen. I passed on a Craig’s List loom … Continue reading

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Oh yes I did.

First, let me just say: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IT’S OCTOBER!!!! I put up the Christmas countdown. Those of you who don’t knit for Christmas, who don’t celebrate Christmas, or who prefer to live in denial, feel free to ignore. But if I … Continue reading

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Progress Report

(NEW BLOG!  Update feeds accordingly, pleez.) I suppose that title indicates that I should be making some progress…  I suppose I am, of a sort. Free Time in the Evenings Evenings are a touch more pleasant now that dinner is … Continue reading

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Okay okay

So everyone noticed my tagline-o-swears. Sheesh. Subtlety is lost on you people. o.0(Actually, that was a line from the beginning of Love Actually.)Anyway, it’s changed, and I’ve had the Vatican Rag stuck in my head for two days now.Yesterday I … Continue reading

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Sadly, knitting is high on my Want To Do list, but after I finish all my Have To Do’s for the day, I have little time to indulge. So far I have managed a few rows every day, but not … Continue reading

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All good things

must come to me!(Well, I shouldn’t say “must”, but I feel like I’m on the receiving end of some extra knitterly love lately.) First, look at the cute stitch markers Blogless Lynn made me! Tiny purple sockies. Next, I won … Continue reading

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Defeat or Impasse?

At what point do you admit that the cool idea you had isn’t working out? [sigh] Argyles. I love the idea of the Gryffindor argyles, and I can scarcely stand to make striped socks like everyone else, but really, they … Continue reading

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Hold on to your butts

I don’t know where that quote came from, but in my head, it’s something Samuel L. Jackson said. Maybe Jurassic Park, I dunno. Anyway. You know those days where you’re pretty sure you should just stay in bed, for the … Continue reading

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Unofficial eye candy

Look what I got. O. M. G. 3 hanks of Great Big Sea Silk in Periwinkle, from here, for this. All the colors I’d hoped for, the shimmery depth, the softness… Scuse me while I roll around in it nekkid. … Continue reading

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That chocolate thing on Friday didn’t last long. Once I remembered I’d forgotten it, I realized that those two sad little voices were the remaining two chocolates, feeling unloved. I couldn’t have that.This weekend was a really nice one. Lots … Continue reading

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