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I use that word a lot these days. It’s turning into a year like that, methinks. Doing things in a big way, making some big strides, getting some big things done! Speaking of which, I embiggened our garden. Last time … Continue reading

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The best revenge is living well

And I am. 😀 I actually believe that I have actually gotten tired of hating people. Oh, there are still things that really frustrate me (Republican leadership and people who believe anything they hear on Fox “news” for example) but … Continue reading

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I hear tell

that 2014 is the year of mindful living. Hasn’t it been that for a long time? Slow food, slow life, slow hobbies, taking time, paying attention? Hands free, back to nature, all those tasks of drudgery that our mothers and … Continue reading

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Ohs have been effed.

Last post I mentioned that someone was in need of a new cap, and lo, I made one. Made of Silkie STR in In the Navy that Big Alice gave me ages ago. Based on this hat but my own … Continue reading

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I did it! I really did it!

I planted a garden! With some help from the Bug’s school learning garden, a couple of websites and articles and a little bit of googling, I managed to use one raised bed and several containers to plant a number of … Continue reading

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Need some help before I go nuts

Like quick, because I’m pretty close to the edge already…Recently, a blogger (I believe it was a knitblogger) posted about finally learning the name of a flower. It’s got a nearly spherical cluster of purple star-shaped flowers on a long … Continue reading

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G is for…

Growing!Last post I got all political and opinionated about the Mormons. There were some interesting comments and it made me think, and I hate that. Heh. Anyway, I still feel like there’s some persecution going on there. I’m not suggesting … Continue reading

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