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What day is this?

Cuz I can’t seem to remember any more. We are insanely busy with all the birthing/baby classes we put off (denial is our favorite coping mechanism) and the boys’ sports and avoiding prepping the house for new residents. (Fortunately, we … Continue reading

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What ho? A FO!

Blame Dreamworks and Jon Leguizamo that I think that phrase any time I finish some knitting. Anyway. My monkeys. Deets on Ravelry. It’s really silly that these took so long – for whatever reason, I knat the first one in … Continue reading

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Where’s that clone?

Cuz someone needs to go to work for me so I can remain in my comfy home and knit and spin and not talk to people. Alas, that’s prolly not going to happen. I passed on a Craig’s List loom … Continue reading

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Whatever on Wednesday

(Which has now been delayed to Thlacking on Thursday. Now I have a lithp.) Everybody who’s anybody is apparently doing the Ten on Tuesday thing. Since I never can do anything in ten minutes, and generally don’t know when it’s … Continue reading

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Well, I was about to title this post “brain broken” but I realized that’s not a theme I really want to emphasize. So. Umm…     /taps foot     /whistling idly   Oh RIGHT! I have knitting. (I have … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the birthday luv for my little man. He had a satisfactory birthday that included a giant Thomas cake, Thomas figurines, new Thomas movies, and the ability to blow out a candle not once, but three times! (The … Continue reading

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Is it too early to be nesting?

So I’ve been thinking. And cleaning. Those two things are things I generally prefer NOT to do in great quantities, but hey. I’ve been thinking a lot about what to clean next, what to pack up, what we can do … Continue reading

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