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Last day of the first half.

Hey, I remember this stuff! It’s knitting, right? I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I had a picture of knitting on this here blog.  (Well, I could, but I’m too lazy to go back and look.)  I … Continue reading

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Doing a little part

A few bloggers I enjoy have gotten on the intarwebs to tell us all to vote NO on Prop 8. Alas, I cannot do this. (ETA: I CAN make a donation. See here for a really good reason why.) As … Continue reading

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Sunday recap

This was a nice weekend, I’ll say. The weather was fantastic thanks to a fast moving storm that brought rain and wind to the area, then cleared out and left blue skies. (I don’t mind blue skies when the temperature … Continue reading

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It was the brownies.

I went with the brownies. I make them from scratch and I altered the recipe a little, because I think as it’s written they come out too greasy. I hadn’t bothered to make them the other day – by the … Continue reading

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Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies.

Or brownies, as the case may be. Today, I gotsa whole lotta nuthin’. My hormones are kicking in, full force, and it forces me to alternate between weepiness and hating everyone and everything. Mostly I feel the hate. I also … Continue reading

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Saturday at last…

First, if you’re inclined in this heinous economy, consider sending a few dollars to fund the project of a teacher in a low-income area. And just maybe Alice will remake the Love is a Battlefield video. I made it through … Continue reading

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Okay okay

So everyone noticed my tagline-o-swears. Sheesh. Subtlety is lost on you people. o.0(Actually, that was a line from the beginning of Love Actually.)Anyway, it’s changed, and I’ve had the Vatican Rag stuck in my head for two days now.Yesterday I … Continue reading

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I blame the Noob.

I got taken down a notch.First, though, I changed my swear word tagline in honor of October. (I change them monthly.) That one had been up there since Sept 1, but I think only Nora noticed it. (ETA: okay, only … Continue reading

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A test of my resolve.

Two of them, actually. Today, I stayed home from work and went to my LQS. (LFS?) Recently when Cassie and Lene started up their joint quilting blog, my interest in appliqué was rekindled, but I’ve never really seen it done. … Continue reading

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