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Progress report!

Much progressing has progressed. First! Happy Buddha-baby is happy. And round. Next! Silly Juniper-pup is silly. And round. (This picture belies that, but trust me.) Third! Mustard is very happy in my garden. I think I am going to pull … Continue reading

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I did it! I really did it!

I planted a garden! With some help from the Bug’s school learning garden, a couple of websites and articles and a little bit of googling, I managed to use one raised bed and several containers to plant a number of … Continue reading

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A Christmas miracle!

I finished a gift well before I need it! (This does, I realize, ensure that I will lose it, buy or make something at the last minute to replace it, and find it when I return home from gifting the … Continue reading

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Expecting the same results

Y’all know that definition of insanity, so I don’t have to repeat it here. Powerful delusion, though. Lately, it manifested itself in the belief that my life would settle down once Bug started school again. *WHY* I thought this, I … Continue reading

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Neverending prooooooJEEEEEEEECCCCTTTTT!

Sung to the tune of Enjoy your earworm. Anyway. The Spiral Galaxy feels like it is light years around the edge and I would really like to knit at the speed of light to get this done. I don’t understand … Continue reading

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Is it winter yet?

Schools in the Phoenix area start about a month earlier than they did when I was attending them, a million years ago. For reasons I can’t quite explain, even though I *know* school is starting earlier, I still have this … Continue reading

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That knitting stuff

I done some! I started Spiral Galaxy for T’s Aunt J for Christmas (yes, I did just say that, and no, I won’t take it back. You’ve been avenged already.) The pattern has information for worsted, sport and lace, and … Continue reading

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So, I have some knitting. Last time (here) I was knitting some Smacky clogs. I bought a new plunger and cleaned out the kitchen sink and thought I’d plunge them to felt them. I worked on that for all of … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas, all y’all.

Apparently I haven’t even posted once this month.  Prolly not going to have anything of substance (such as it is) til next year, but stranger things have happened.  In the meantime, lovelies, enjoy yourselves.  xo  

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Enter title here

But only if you wanna. Hmm. Long time no post. Lessee. I am now a year older than when I last posted. For my birthday I took two days off and had a four day weekend, whilst everyone else went … Continue reading

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