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A mental shift

So, last post I mentioned some garbage going on in my life. Some soul-searching has been happening as result of the garbage – the garbage doesn’t deserve any mention beyond this, but the soul-searching surely does. If this sounds all … Continue reading

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I hear tell

that 2014 is the year of mindful living. Hasn’t it been that for a long time? Slow food, slow life, slow hobbies, taking time, paying attention? Hands free, back to nature, all those tasks of drudgery that our mothers and … Continue reading

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I was bored.

I didn’t have enough to do. Really, I had aaaaaalllll this free time, and then T said I could, so I got a puppy. Cuz, puppies. (Stats: lab/shepherd mix, female, about 10 weeks, probably named Juniper.) Also, baby Bib Fortuna: … Continue reading

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I did it! I really did it!

I planted a garden! With some help from the Bug’s school learning garden, a couple of websites and articles and a little bit of googling, I managed to use one raised bed and several containers to plant a number of … Continue reading

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Whoosh, again

Cuz three weeks are gone since last I posted, and I really had no idea. We had a lovely party for Bubba at the park, even though it was still blisteringly hot. We borrowed an awning shady thing and found … Continue reading

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And another year flits by. Happy Birthday, Bubba. We’re all better for having you around.

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Expecting the same results

Y’all know that definition of insanity, so I don’t have to repeat it here. Powerful delusion, though. Lately, it manifested itself in the belief that my life would settle down once Bug started school again. *WHY* I thought this, I … Continue reading

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Is it winter yet?

Schools in the Phoenix area start about a month earlier than they did when I was attending them, a million years ago. For reasons I can’t quite explain, even though I *know* school is starting earlier, I still have this … Continue reading

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That knitting stuff

I done some! I started Spiral Galaxy for T’s Aunt J for Christmas (yes, I did just say that, and no, I won’t take it back. You’ve been avenged already.) The pattern has information for worsted, sport and lace, and … Continue reading

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I’m sensing a theme.

*Three weeks of radio silence, one post complaining about how fast time flies, brief talk about knitting and kids. Repeat from *. However! This post will be exactly the same as that. Ha ha, I kid. Because *I* have had … Continue reading

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