Baa Baa

Yesterday, just after noon, I finished my little baby sweater for my little, as yet unborn, baby nephew. I’d been telling my SIL, who was a few days past her due date, that, “Baby’s not coming, I haven’t finished the sweater yet.” When I finished it, I posted on my SIL’s facebook, “Sweater’s done, labor starts in 12 hours or less.” Now, I dunno when her labor actually started, but my little nephew was born just shy of 5am today. I may be a little drunk with my own power.


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6 Responses to Baa Baa

  1. Yarndude says:

    Congrats! I love that sweater, too. Is that all duplicate stitch?

  2. MarilynJoan says:

    Absolutely darling sweater! Welcome to the world, little fellow!

  3. zeneedle says:

    You may have a talent others will seek out. You could make a fortune.
    The sweater is darling!

  4. Cheryl says:


  5. purlingoaks says:

    There are those little sheeps! Love the sweater. Welcome little baby nephew!

  6. Big Alice says:

    Whoah. I am amazed at your superpower.

    Also, that is a seriously cute sweater. Congratulations!

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