The best revenge is living well

And I am. 😀
I actually believe that I have actually gotten tired of hating people. Oh, there are still things that really frustrate me (Republican leadership and people who believe anything they hear on Fox “news” for example) but I didn’t realize I’d gotten in the habit of all the hateyness until I got rid of some baggage. It’s really not me, and it’s really the low-hanging fruit of behavior anyway. That being the case, prepare for some sunshine – here comes the living well part!

LOTS of sunshine, in fact! It’s nearly planting time here for the spring garden and I do want some flowers, so I have reclaimed a few of my planters from the veggies (they didn’t do so great in the planters anyway) and I’ve ordered received another raised bed. Since they’re interchangeable, I have two 4×4 foot kits, which I can link together for a 4×12 foot garden.
I can’t possibly imagine needing anything more than this for a while, but I will be planting some tomatoes, some bell peppers, and a boatload of other things (more lettuce please!). I’ll also need to figure out some way to keep a chicken wire fence around the garden that I can take down when I need, but that keeps that rambunctious mutt out of my beautiful dirt.

For Kym and Joan and Cheryl and Angie and Margene and whoever else might need it… look, flowers!


Also, it’s time to get back into the running and the yoga. I did so well with it for such a long time, and the valley fever and strep and broken toe really threw me off. I want to get back in the habit of the exercise while the afternoons are still nice, so I will feel better about it when it’s hot and I have to get up before dawn to do it. I have a new nose-lead for Crazy Dog so I hope that will help her learn to walk politely on the leash so she and I can have a little exercising together. I also have plans to get away from as much meat in my diet, but I’m still trying to figure out how to make a “balanced meal” that doesn’t have meat as the main dish – that is so ingrained!)

I was thinking about starting some epic sweater – Milkweed ( has been on my list, along with Sabbatical
and Darrowby, essentially since either they were published or I was made aware of them. I covet all of them, and plan to knit them all (a touch shorter than any of them are written – I do not need the eye drawn to my hips thankyouverymuch). However, if I am planning to begin exercise again, and if I think I will be changing my eating habits, I expect my body will be changing a bit. And so will the seasons! As a result, I needed something epic that wasn’t
fitted – no sense knitting the largest size if, by the time you finish said sweater 18 months later, the largest size isn’t what you are anymore…

Enter Morning Glories.
When this pattern was released in 2007, I bought it and the yarn to immediately, so much did I covet it. And then I decided I didn’t love the proportions of the mesh to the morning glories, and I didn’t really like the mesh stitch at all, and… to the bottom of the stash bin it fell. Last weekend I decided it was just the “epic” I was looking for. I was able to put my hands on the pattern (after I bought another copy, natch), yarn and needles in record time, and a few minutes later I had cast on. Epic indeed! The side borders are so unintuitive (to me) that they might as well be random. I did replace the purse mesh with faggoting, which I like better, and burned through that section. Then I started the morning glories.

Patterning on both sides AND trying to watch the Super Bowl and I will tell you, “epic” doesn’t begin to cover it. I still love it, and the yarn, and I will slog through, but goodness, am I glad I have a basic sock on the go. In the course of the knitting, I have determined that the wrong side patterning stitches don’t properly match the right side versions (you can tell me all day that the reverse of sl1, k2tog, psso is p3tog tbl but IT DOESN’T MATCH) and the ones that actually DO match are actually nicer to work, so I’m settling in to the pattern a bit.


This color is *almost* accurate, but it is more purple than this.

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9 Responses to The best revenge is living well

  1. Joan says:

    Thank you for always reminding me to rise above and thank you even more for the flowers – seeing something in bloom has warmed me this evening.
    The lace is lovely, running is good and the sweaters can wait!

  2. DataGoddess says:

    Sorry that you've been dealing with some baggage, I understand, having a matched set myself.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Something blooming! Outdoors!

    I fully agree with living well and letting go of the hate. I've never understood people holding onto grudges or hatred for so long – it seems they hurt themselves more than they do anyone else. I try to let go and not sweat the petty things. Or pet the sweaty things. I try to avoid negativity and drama in my day-to-day life where I can. I don't get too politically involved unless it's something of great importance to me (I mean really – my life really hasn't changed much no matter who the president is, or what our state legislature does, so why freak out over it?). I rarely watch movies that I know are depressing or will make me angry, no matter how highly they're rated. Yay for comedies! Laughing makes us feel better, and the effects carry on. I have a friend who does a big weekly post on Fridays, which always ends with links to pictures of cuteness, mostly baby animals. You can't help but feel better and happier after looking at them. I should remember to look at stuff like that every night before I go to bed. And maybe start the day with it, too.

    I like all those sweater patterns, but it looks like Darrowby is full of issues, and after reading some of the project notes, I'd take a pass on that one. There's a cute short version of Milkweed in one of the project pages, and I really like how the large collar draws the eyes upward to focus on the person's face. The lace in Sabbatical would make it stretchier, so probably more forgiveness in sizing, especially if it's oversized since it's designed to be worn open. Maybe think about what would be more flattering to you? Or whether you want one that's cooler (Sabbatical) or warmer (Milkweed).

    Rock on, babe.

  4. MarilynJoan says:

    Oh! Blooming things! How wonderful to see something other than snow and hear talk about the wind chill.
    The shawl is going to be so pretty. But patterening on both side is epic!
    Would love to see pictures of the spring garden too…when the time comes. I'm sure there will still be snow here…

  5. Blogless Me says:


  6. zeneedle says:

    Flowers! A blooming tree! Our world is still bereft of flowers so it's nice to see something so beautiful and full of blossoms. Thank you! Hanging on to grudges and hate is futile and of no value. Screaming at the talking heads does nothing to change things. Ignoring them is the better for my blood pressure. Anyway, I'm rather partial to Milkweed and your shawl is going to be amazing!

  7. purlingoaks says:

    Flowers? What are those?

    Love the color — I think it will be fabulous.

  8. Sarah says:

    So glad you are finding the right balance for your life how much you have opened your life to better things by jettisoning the toxic stuff.

    Your Morning Glories is looking great! xo

  9. LynnM says:

    Hope you can keep living that. At 50 I don't even like to be near negativity. I sense it, I leave it. But be aware of how much you create with your own thoughts as well as chat and actions.

    Enjoy the positive. There is no revenge. Knit in peace.

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