I use that word a lot these days. It’s turning into a year like that, methinks. Doing things in a big way, making some big strides, getting some big things done!
Speaking of which, I embiggened our garden. Last time I had a 4X4 kit from Home Depot. I got another one, and opened up one of the sides of the original kit, and used it and the new one to create one big Frankengarden, that’s 12×4. (I know you northern gardeners are chuckling at my idea of “big”. Lemme alone – I gotta water this sucker all summer.)


I miscalculated how much new soil I’d need and will have to get more, but this time T reminded me that we have fertilizer and I’ll be prepping the soil prior to sowing any seeds – adding the second half of the soil will be the perfect time. I also discovered that Juniper is a digger and she LOVES to rearrange the dirt from the raised bed to the patio, and then lay in it, or in the sun-warmed garden bed itself. We have attempted a Juniper Diversion Device – four foot tall chicken wire around the whole thing. I wish I’d been able to wait til I planted to put it up, but most of my dirt would have been on the basketball court or the patio if I’d waited. I’m planning on some more lettuce, a bunch of tomatoes and some bell peppers, but that leaves me quite a bit of space left to fill up. Maybe I’ll try a pumpkin – the boys would get such a kick out of that.

Morning Glories continues apace – I have just finished the first skein of yarn with about two repeats of the morning glories section to go. The wrong-side patterning has gotten a little easier, and so long as I remember to read the chart from the correct edge I do pretty well and have not been quite so frustrated with it. I have started the second skein (I had three total), so I have more than enough yarn – I can’t decide if I want to shorten the wrap a touch and have enough yarn left for a hat, or lengthen it and use all the yarn up, or just knit as writ. I’ll do it as written for the first half and see what I have left when I approach the finish line on the second half, but this yarn is so yummy I’ll need to come up with some plan to use every last inch.
> In the meantime I’ve been thinking of other projects to do. Ages ago I bought some Shine in a pretty terra cotta color. I believe I planned to use it for Bombshell. I may still in fact do that, only raising the neckline a bit. I want to have something slightly nicer than a t-shirt for work, and while the deep neckline is decently flattering, I don’t like to show too much cleavage at the office. There are just too many tall guys around. Bombshell is designed to be somewhat fitted, though, and if my shape changes anytime soon I’ll want something that will still flatter. I may have to design something basic if I can’t find what I want. (ooo, epic!)
I still have socks on the go and owe my FIL a pair from Christmas, but I just need to find another yarn. No black socks. Just…no.

And, not forgotten, the honeymoon quilt! T and I just celebrated our second anniversary, so I should prolly get on the finishing of this pretty thing.

And lo, more flowers for you cold types!
(Oh yeah, and I dyed my hair purple.)

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4 Responses to Epic!

  1. MarilynJoan says:

    The garden looks wonderful…pictures please as things progress.
    I knit dark socks…not black but dark enough…won't do that again.
    Pretty flowers! And look at you…I think I like that color!

  2. zeneedle says:

    Your garden is a perfect size! Lettuce likes cooler weather. Get it in as soon as you can as heat will turn it bitter. Anything you'd put in a salad can be planted early.
    LOVE the hair. I talked to my stylist about a bright color a few years ago (blue) but he said it would turn my gray hair a sickly color. damn

  3. Cheryl says:

    The purple hair us awesome. You'll be able to grow a lot in that size garden.

  4. Sarah says:

    Wow! That is a lot of epic! I hope all of the plans work wonderfully for you! Congrats on the anniversary, and here's to many more! I love the purple hair! xo

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