Moving on.

I’ve recently started the second half of the morning glories stole, so I’m dreaming of what comes next. (Because just past the halfway mark of a six-and-a-half foot long stole is “almost done”.) Awhile ago I purchased yarn to make Darrowby, but have been scared away a bit by both the number of errors in the pattern, and by the gauge of the project. Worsted-weight on size 3 needles didn’t sound fun. (I did a hat like that once and hated every stitch.) I happened to noticed Bonne Marie Burns’ Tauriel, though, and I think the shape is similar (and perhaps even more flattering) and also knit at a looser gauge. Plus, it seems to me that Bonne Marie has a good reputation for clearly written patterns. I still love the Darrowby cables, so I’ll be working them into the panels on Tauriel instead of the diamond cable on there. (Bonus, Tauriel calls for only half the yarn that Darrowby’s denser fabric required, so I’ll have leftovers.)
Still, it’s starting to get hot here, and I don’t know how much longer I’ll want a sweater. (I already use the fan in my cube more often than not.) So, I decided I’d get out that Knitpicks Shine I bought a million years ago. I poked around on the Drops website and found a few basic, plain tops/shells that I liked. I managed to find one that may be flattering (WHY do they make their models stand so weird?) and had some finished projects on Rav, and I’m reasonably confident that if I have enough yarn, I can make it work. The underarms are a little funny but some have added sleeves or a little panel to the underarm part of the scye so I think it will be a good work top. I imagine I’ll start my altered Tauriel a bit later in the summer, in the hope that it would be ready to wear next winter. Or maybe I should start it now so I can finish it for Air Conditioning Season? AUGH. So many choices.
Additional choices? I recently decided I needed a summer hat, and searched Drops. I found FIVE that I covet. I will not make them all this summer, but I do need at least one. I’ll have to narrow that down and start working on it soon too. And there are still the boys’ quilts and the honeymoon quilt! Clearly I do not have time to have a job.
And furthermore, I lost one of my second-favorite-ever stitch markers (both pairs of my faves were free gifts for buying something else, natch) and one of the few I own that’s sized big enough to fit on the size 9s I’m using for Morning Glories. I HAD to make new ones.

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4 Responses to Moving on.

  1. Cheryl says:

    Good choice on the switch to Tauriel. At least Bonne Marie's patterns are better edited – and yes, I think it will be more flattering.

  2. Manise says:

    Tauriel is a great choice. Usually models are standing funny because there are probably issues with the back of the garment and are pinned/pinched to fit better, 🙂 but after taking a look, seems like a modeling stance thing.

  3. MarilynJoan says:

    It sounds like you need to quit that job and work on your crafts! 😉
    Such pretty stitch markers! And they match the yarn too.
    Worsted on size 3s?? o.0

  4. Angie says:

    Worsted on 3's sounds like it would walk and talk without help! wow. Looks like your final choice is much nicer.

    I'm guessing you didn't have to run out for beads. 😀 I wouldn't. Pretty markers!

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