Done but not finished.

With a few things.
Most importantly, I am done with the Big Nasty Chemo.


This is Last Chemo Selfie – you might even be able to see the peach fuzz a-growin’ on my pate.

Treatments are not over, nor have I worked through all the side effects of this last infusion, but I believe the worst of it is over.

Also over: the knitting of Morning Glories.

This ignominious picture does no justice to anything, but it is two halves of Morning Glories, awaiting grafting, ends-weaving, and blocking. These items require more brain power than is left to me during chemo brain, so I will be waiting a bit to finish this project. In the meantime, I will attempt to remember what size needle I was using for Smallish Bear’s blanket – apparently I never wrote it down…

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9 Responses to Done but not finished.

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hooray! You look great. Let's hope it's all downhill from here.

  2. Big Alice says:

    Hallelujah for seeing the backside of Big Nasty Chemo.
    And for Morning Glories! I'm sure it'll be gorgeous. This is just its lace proto state, "pile of lumpy knots"

  3. Dawn says:

    Glad to hear the worst is over. You look terrific!! Prayers your way

  4. LynnM says:

    Man, you have so forgotten how to take pretty knitting pictures! That's the way my cat rearranges stuff.

    Glad you can now look forward to easier times this summer (despite grafting and weaving in ends once the brain improves.)

  5. zeneedle says:

    If you were able to knit that while under chemo-brain, you're going to kick ass come the finishing. Peach fuzz is going to look fantastic on you.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Look at you! When my MIL's hair came back in it was curly. Hope the rest of the summer is good and that chemo brain improves quickly.
    Morning Glories will be beautiful…what a gorgeous color!

  7. Sarah says:

    Yee-haw! Buh-bye, BigNastyChemo! And you finished the rest of Morning Glories!?!? See. That right there is proof. Keep taking care! xoxo

  8. Ryan says:

    Isn't it weird how the port just becomes a normal part of your body?

  9. Linda says:

    Congrats on getting to the end of chemo! I hope your surgery and radiation go smoothly. It was a year and 4 months ago that I reached the same mile stone (the end of chemo) and it felt wonderful! It's funny but now I am both ready to get rid of the port (its been in for almost 2 years) and afraid to get it out. I feel (totally unrealistically) that it's warding off the evil metastasis spirits. LOL!

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