An attempt to corral my projects.

(Much laughing ensues.)

Current activities:
Crocheted blanket. Needs borders and a wash. Deadline Dec 1 to mail to my lovely baby grand-niece before xmas.

All The Shades of Truth (which is truly the most gag-worthy name for an utterly beautiful project)(someone who is less cynical and jaded than I am will probably find it uplifting)
I’ve finished section 3 to the bind off. Needs to be done, washed, blocked and wrapped for xmas. For Aunt Jonnie.

Artesian in a nice fingering weight something or other from my stash, in a lovely teal blue/aqua. To donate for a fundraiser for Joan’s friends. Needs to be done, washed, blocked, and mailed to western New York before October 1.

Fleece. I bought a whole fleece. 6.5 pounds of dirty smelly Romney from a lovely ewe named Avalon, of Tawanda Farms in NorCal. Currently I’ve washed a couple of batches and have hand-combed a small bit of fluff. It probably weighs… 2 oz? Only 102 oz to go… I’m currently using a dog comb and combing a few locks at a time, dry. I also have stuff to make combing oil, which I will test, and a different kind of dog comb that I will use to attempt to making roving with a diz. I have loads of this stuff, I have enough to play.

In the queue, a non-tuque hat for Cliff, spin the fall-colors fiber I dyed (middle braid in the picture from this post) with Lynn into some fractal type yarn for some nice, as-yet-undetermined pattern for my MIL, a pair of socks for my FIL, three ninja hoods for my boys, something for my SIL Kate and maybe some mittens for my BIL. Before Christmas, natch. 111 days, that’s plenty, right?

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