Okay okay

So everyone noticed my tagline-o-swears. Sheesh. Subtlety is lost on you people. o.0
(Actually, that was a line from the beginning of Love Actually.)
Anyway, it’s changed, and I’ve had the Vatican Rag stuck in my head for two days now.
Yesterday I promptly returned Lynn in Tucson’s size 7s (and she only laughed at me like six times in the ten minutes I was there – I consider it a success) and came home and swatched with what I think are 9s. I think they’re 9s because my dear son has managed to lose my needle gauge, and I’m not entirely sure I’m reading my calipers correctly. Either way, whatever they are, I get within half a stitch across 4″ on the washed swatch, so I’m calling it good. Since it’s supposed to be a loose coat anyway, I think the extra half stitch every 4″ won’t be noticed too much.
In other news, I threw my restraint out the window and ordered yarn for two lace scarves for my aunts for Christmas. SIGH. They’re lovely but simple, and they each use a single skein of Sea Silk, so I think they’re not too ambitious. I’ll be doing the gold scarf (in this – Moss) and the green scarf (in this – Agate) from this post. I hope they’re not too ambitious to allow me to finish them, my other WIPs plus Linden, pack a whole house, have a baby, and move to a new state in the next, um, 12 weeks…

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