So, I had this plan

I am sick as the proverbial dog, and while I tossed and turned I planned my snarky blog post about how I was dying or maybe not and we’d know in a few days (and also regretting not giving DH more sympathy when HE was sick, but not like it’d matter cuz he has to go out of town again). It’s 3am (roughly) and I got up because I was tired of tossing and turning and thought I’d work on my hat. (Oh, didn’t I tell you I cast on for another hat? Yeah, monogamy, not so much.)
Anyway, I woke up to find this.
See the face? The sweet little face with the cheeks you want to pinch and the hair you want to tousle and maybe get him a gig on the Disney channel? Yeah. Knit a square or ten, please? Pretty sure I can crack one out with some astoundingly soft CTH by the time the sun comes up. (I think – I’m gonna hit publish and go try.) If you are inclined, think about sending in a square? 5″ is all he needs. Well, and some prayers.

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