I blame Traci.

I dunno why, but I’m pretty sure we haven’t blamed her for anything so I’m picking on her today.

Last post she asked how the honeymoon quilt was coming along, or whether it was crackers.  At that point I’d finished all the blocks and had assembled them into strips, arranged them in order, numbered them and pressed them.  Traci asked about it, so I figured I’d sit down and do it.  Only I pinned the strips in the wrong order (not remembering that the strip with NO pins was strip 10 not strip 1, which was the strip with 1 pin) and upside down, since they were sewed in the wrong direction the first time, I ended up, instead of strip 1 at the top and 10 at the bottom, with something that went roughly like 5-4-7-6-9-8-10-1-3-2.

When I first cut the fabric, I folded the remainders up all nice and tidylike and put them near the stash, but not away.  I knew I’d have reason to dig back into the fabrics, so I intentionally left them out, in a nice little pile, where I could find them.  When it came time for the border, I went for my little neat pile to figure out what I wanted to do.  Only it was gone.  There were a few scraps under the shelf where I’d stacked it (stupid cats) but the largish pile?  Nowhere to be found. o.O


I had to go buy more.  HAD TO!  So I did.  Plus a little more of an unrelated but totally lovely fabric.  (I told T that if I had been in the throes of my fabric buying days, I could easily have dropped $200 or more in the 20 minutes I was in the store, so many lovely fabrics I did see.)  Anyway, I only remembered to find the blue for the border, not a little extra red for the corners, so I substituted with one of the colors I COULD find at home, and I am still happy with the results.

When it seemed that finishing the borders was in the offing, I zipped down to the quilt store next to the sushi place.  (piles and piles of sushi for $10 plus backing fabric and batting next door?  Heaven.)


Whilst conversing with my sushi-lunchdate-coworker, I mentioned needing to find a place to lay out the whole quilt for basting.  In our little place there is only one room that’s near close to being big enough, and that’s the playroom.  Ain’t no way.  She suggested I come in after hours and use a conference room.  The brilliance!  The perfection!  I finally have a reason to be interested in going to work on the weekend!


Now that I have the beast more or less basted (and OMG the suckage that is basting a king sized quilt?  No words.) I have started the hand quilting.  I am enjoying that part, though still trying to figure out how to handle that giant hoop (plus the giant quilt hanging off to one side of that giant hoop)…


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11 Responses to I blame Traci.

  1. Cheryl S. says:

    Brilliant idea on using the conference room.
    My fingers are already hurting thinking about all of that quilting.

  2. Marilyn says:

    The quilt is fantastic! That is a LOT of handquilting. *L* My best wishes to you.
    I totally expected that you would say you found the extra fabric for the binding right after you got home from buying more….

  3. Traci says:

    Well in this case I am happy to take the blame the quilt looks AMAZING and in return I am now holding you responsible for me attempting my own quilt now I signed up for the mailing list you recommended I planning to start once it cools down a little bit here in Northern Cal. been pretty hot not anything like you have been dealing with but hovering around 100. I am sure you are aware that now that you have purchased new fabric the other will turn up, I am not sure how that happens, I never had anything like that happen until I had kids and a husband, things now disappear and reappear without rhyme or reason, drives me nuts. Glad you found a place to do the never ending basting, I did a baby quilt years ago and the area I did the basting in was kinda tight and I ended up with it being a bit lopsided it was so much harder to take apart and redo and it was not even a king size so thanks for the idea of working elsewhere. It is looking great now and when it is finished it will be a fabulous memory as to where it all started. Traci XOXO

  4. Cookie says:

    Now you know why I would never quilt in the summer months. Hot = stupid in my world.

    Lovely quilt! I'm so glad you found a safe place to lay it out.

  5. Big Alice says:

    OMG you basted a king sized quilt? OH THE PAIN.
    It looks lovely, though, I really like the colors.

    Every time I have to baste anything bigger than a lap quilt I end up with back and knees in full mutiny. I've seriously considered paying a longarm quilter to just BASTE the damn thing so I don't have to. Last time I used some big tables in a local quilt shop which sucked less than the floor but still sucked mightily.

  6. LynnM says:

    You guys couldn't snuggle up in a double?

  7. elizabeth says:

    I LOVE it! OMG. What a labor of love. I hope you have the a/c blasting you full force while you’re quilting!

  8. Angie says:

    Love LynnM's comment. The quilt is looking gorgeous and you are a wild and crazy woman. xox

  9. Marianne says:

    omgomg O.M.G. that is GORGEOUS! WoWzers!!!

  10. kmkat says:

    I love the colors of the quilt. Great work!

  11. Connie says:

    T was right—the quilt needs red and blue. When you showed me the Keepsake Quilting pattern, I wasn't taken with it. Undoubtedly, I was responding to all the browns—not my color. Now I'm wondering if that's what we need as a comforter cover. But how would quilting fabric like being washed weekly, since our cover also serves as a top sheet. I'm guessing that the fabric would fade in a hurry.

    Your e-mail address isn't accepting mail—claims the mailbox is full. I didn't know you could fill up an e-mail box.

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