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The heat, my lovies, she is broken.  We have had several days in a row of below-100 highs, and even one night got to a low of 70 degrees.  This after about six weeks where the low never got below 85, and some nights didn’t even drop below 90.  It’s practically winter around here!  I’m convinced it’s because I stepped up my game, whining-wise, and the universe saw fit to concede to my demands.  (That has to be the reason we all complain about the weather, right?)

The honeymoon quilt is moving right along at a glacially inspired pace, which is appropriate given how warm the thing is.  I’m LOVING THE HELL OUT OF THE HANDWORK.  Yes, indeed, I love it so much I had to shout about it.  It’s slower than molasses in January (thank you, West-Virginia-born-and-raised mother) but it is just so soothing and enjoyable, and my stitching has already improved since I started.  I even joked about renting a van for the road trip to the family wedding, so I’d have room to take my quilt in the car.

Instead, I have decided on a baby sweater for friends.  Baby is due in October, I have 30+ hours of car trip ahead of me, still won’t get it done in time.  Don’t care, no baby in Baja AZ needs a sweater in October anyway.  I’m combining CTH in Riverrun with some unknown, unlabeled but perfectly matched and lovely steel blue sock yarn.  I am doing Devan, which I’ve done before with lovely results.  I really wanted to do this one, but Shibui Knits apparently only offers hard copies of their patterns.  I know pattern designers like to do this occasionally to limit the abilities to share their patterns or something, but honestly?  If I can’t have the pattern IMMEDIATELY when I want it, I likely won’t knit it.  Make a PDF, people.  (For some reason I am more forgiving of patterns in books.  Nobody ever said I make sense.)


(Yes, one of the blues is slightly darker than the other.  I think it won’t matter and don’t even think I’ll need the second skein of the blue anyway.)(And the colors in this photo are far enough off that they don’t really represent what is actually in my bag right now.)(Sigh.)

Since my knitting doldrums have more or less stuck around and I’ve been quilting, my knitting supplies are in a sad state.  I scrounged up some needles but couldn’t find a gauge so was only guessing at their size.  I vaguely remembered Lynn in Tucson telling me there was a needle gauge iPhone app, so I looked for one for Android.  Lo, behold my new friend Knitcards.  (It’s actually an app to track your projects, but I don’t need that – Ravelry all the way, baybee!)


Ah, technology…

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6 Responses to All to posts fit that the random.

  1. Cookie says:

    Oh my…

    When does the jam making start? :p

  2. Marilyn says:

    Our weather is decidedly fallish. We had a killing freeze last night.
    I'm with you completely on the pattern availability. If it is an individual pattern it NEEDS to be available in all forms! Especially PDF. If it is in a book that is understandable that they don't want to sell it individually…
    I need to check out the Knitcards app. It could be handy. 😀

  3. Cheryl S. says:

    Congrats on getting under the 100-degree mark. It's been a little cooler here, too. The weather has been lovely, which excites me because it's so nice to be outside, but saddens me because it will be all too brief.

  4. the blogless one says:

    I can't believe I never downloaded that!

  5. Marianne says:

    Great pattern and great choice with the yarn, pretty! I'm like that too, I see a pattern I want it THEN. (they've made it entirely too easy these days :^)
    Yay for loving the handwork, it IS soothing, becoming one with the needle and thread.
    Our temps finally backed off the triple digits, ahhhh. we even had a rainy day today. bliss.
    very cool app!

  6. Angie says:

    I'm glad the Universe and Mother Nature are paying attention to you. As they should. It got down to the upper 30's here so you can hold off a bit on the wishing for lower temps for a while, okay?

    How's the trip knitting going? Love the thought of a van just for the quilt. 😀

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