I blinked.

And then it was mid November.
I am getting slowly bigger (though not actually gaining any weight – that’s kinda cool) and quickly more surly. I still feel nasty about half the time and tired the rest of the time and am quite ready for my body to be normal again. Now that the holidays are bearing down on us, I think the time will go quickly and I am planning to take a few days off around that time to rest and do nothing. I had one of those yesterday (T and the boys were at work and daycare, respectively) and I managed to tidy the living room and rest. A week like that and I might feel rejuvenated for a bit.
Let’s see, since last I had any content whatsoever, I have finished Atalanta’s knitting (with an annoying amount left over – I apparently didn’t weigh it well enough and could have had about 8 more repeats in the straight section) but I have not woven ends, blocked, or decided on dangly bits.
I did half of the purple Boo and pooped out on that too.
I am near the end on a sooper sekrit project I’m doing with Lynn, who is in the meantime doing her level best to distract me with weaving. Doesn’t help matters that I have designs on learning to weave T’s family tartan (going so far as to imagine the impending wee bairn wrapped in a blanket of same)(which means I need MAD SKILLS and a HUGE LOOM). Really, I have too many interests to be working.
In the near future, though, I need to knit Smacky a new hat, and mittens. And clog-slippers. I would have started the slippers yesterday only I couldn’t find the right size needles, and my hands are tired from sooper sekrit big yarn. I am sorely tempted to work a repeat on Madli to take the fat-yarn edge off. (And it occurred to me that I have plain dresses to wear for the holidays but nothing sparkly, and Madli would fit the sparkly bill quite well…)
I have thoughts about knitting my friends’ baby a sweater (to replace this one, that I knat for him and never sent and he has now outgrown, but will be perfect for Impending Wee Bairn), and Bug could prolly use some mittens too.
Whew. Now I need a nap.

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5 Responses to I blinked.

  1. Marilyn says:

    I'm with you…who has time for work when there are so many other projects to do!
    Wow. That's a fair amount of knitting! If I were you though I'd maybe take that nap instead. Resting now is a good thing cuz you know that later it ain't gonna happen…

  2. Big Alice says:

    Whoo, sparkly! I would not be able to resist.

    I get you on the blinking. Holy cow how did it turn out to be almost Thanskgiving? I do hope you get some days to relax and feel better.

    Ooh weaving. I mean, Resist the Dark Side! (I have this plan to make a quilt, see, it would be out of hand-dyed fabric, and have yarn swatches stitched to it, and it would be beaded. I plan to call it "I have too many hobbies"

  3. Cookie says:

    Was it sparkly?

  4. Cheryl says:

    Just thinking about all of that makes me tired. I think you need another nap.

  5. Sarah says:

    Thinking of all that needs doing and then all that I want to do, and it nearly knocks me comatose. I understand the family-tartan-weaving thoughts, and it is strong and dangerous. It's good that my weaving skills are not anywhere near ready for attempting this. I do have some other nutty weaving ideas, (one of which I really need to at least try) four crocheted owl hats, about fifty more crocheted blanket blocks, (and then the assembling and edging) llama mitts, lace, alpaca blanket weaving, scarf spinning and knitting, scarf weaving, and millions of tiny things knitting.

    Knit Madli! xo

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