What a good shearing will do.

But first! The schmatta of Cookie. Isn’t it cute?

(The color on this is all weird. The schmatta itself really is that lovely forest-y green, but my baby is not orange in real life.)

The other day I took a picture of myself holding Schnookums #3. I thought it was all artistic and sweet, and I posted it to Facebook. And almost to a comment, the sentiment was, “Go take a nap, woman!”
I did not feel particularly tired, and those dark circles under my eyes are natural and always there. (They are also structural, so no amount of concealer will hide them entirely, and I gave up a long time ago.)


I attempted to take another one, looking happier and without the “zen-looking-into-the-distance” face, but that was just…um…no.

(This one didn’t go to Facebook.)

Then yesterday I got some hairs cut.




And now I feel a little peppier. (But still, the circles remain. Sigh.)


(Side note: When my haircut was pointed out to Smacky, he grinned and said, “Cool!”. When Bug noticed it, he said, “Wait. Did you get a hair cut? Did you MEAN for it to be that short?” )

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11 Responses to Amazing

  1. Marilyn says:

    Look at you…sexy haircut! Woowoo!
    Little Schnookums #3 is adorable. 🙂

  2. Cookie says:

    Ya know, when I saw that photo on the faceyspace, my thought was FRECKLES! I bet you feel better with the shorter hair. If I told you how long it's been, you'd slap me.

    So glad to know he's not a carrot bay. ;^)

  3. Cheryl says:

    Whoo! Sassy! And most excellent for showing off great earrings.
    I have those permanent dark circles too. Hereditary.

  4. DataGoddess says:

    Love the haircut. And the cute orange kid 😉

  5. Stacey says:

    it looks awesome! A big change. You look peppier too. xoox

  6. Blogless me says:

    VERY sassy!

  7. LynnM says:

    The next Phoenix heatwave should be a lot more tolerable now.
    You're baby is cute even orange.

  8. Carrie#k says:

    Your hair looks fabulous! I love the short cut.

    I was going to say more make up because in this day and age? No one looks "real" without it. And I am writing that knowing full well how dumb it sounds.

    Also – you have a babby!! I mean, I knew but – babby! Sooooooo cute.

  9. kmkat says:

    The shorter hair is so flattering! Love it. I used to have those structural dark circles, too, but since I started sleeping 9-10 hours a night they went mostly away. Go figger. And just try to get that much sleep with 3 little boys…

  10. gale says:

    You look wonderful–and so does that little sweet baby. It's true there is nothing like a good shearing.

  11. Natalie says:

    The haircut is fantastic.

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