I won’t stand for it.

Is what I thought the first time I heard about the idea of standing up at your desk. Cuz, DUH, that sounds tiring and I’m already tired, yo. Plus my feet hurt, and my back aches, and and and.

But after a number of articles on the subject of how sitting greatly increases your chance of dying prematurely (even if you work out daily and accounting for lifestyle issues like smoking and eating habits), I started to wonder. A coworker hurt her back and needed to crank up her desk (we have height-adjustable surfaces in our cubes) and she seemed to like it. I got a wild hair one day and cranked up my desk.


Yes, that is as high as it goes, and yes, it is always that messy. People do insist on leaving papers on my desk. ANYhoo.

The keyboard and mouse are on boxes to raise them a bit more (and I could stand another coupla inches when I’m wearing shoes with heels) and the monitor is tilted up. I read that it’s good to be looking down a little, but I’d still prefer to have this raised a bit more.

All in all, though, I’m happy with the whole thing. My feet do hurt a little more by the end of the day and I have discovered serious inadequacies in my shoe wardrobe from the point of view of sufficient support, but all in all I like it and have no plans to revert to the old way. I do still sit down to review paperwork and can in a pinch compute from a seated position, but I think I’m standing up for the foreseeable future. If you can manage it without too much expense, I’d recommend you try it.

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Progress report!

Much progressing has progressed.

First! Happy Buddha-baby is happy. And round.


Next! Silly Juniper-pup is silly. And round. (This picture belies that, but trust me.)


Third! Mustard is very happy in my garden. I think I am going to pull some out/off and toss them in tomorrow’s salad.


Fourth! Look! Christmas-present socks! (ZOMG these took forever.) Unblocked so still a bit ugly, being guarded by the Garden Gmoose. (Some people have garden gnomes, I have garden gmoose.)

(Cascade sock yarn, basic bright red, 76st in 2×2 rib to fit a size 10.5 woman’s foot with extra length on the leg, and an afterthought star heel according to these instructions.)(Beware that link – Quicktime tried to play something but Chrome denied it and OH HOW I HATE WEBSITES WITH ANYTHING AUTOPLAY.)

Fifth! Look! Weaving another Christmas present! Loving the heck out of the weaving but MAN does it do a number on my back, particularly during the warping part. I direct warp, and I think next time I think about it I’ll take the loom off the stand and put it up higher. And possibly try to warp it right the first time so I don’t have two false starts.


Sixth! Bubba and Smacky got their bikes out – finally cool enough to ride them – and those stupid bikes must have shrunk. Also, Smacky and Smallish Bear need (new) helmets so we can go a-riding. No pictures of this because…. well, because I forgot to take any.

Next time! Discussion of a standing desk and how it’s working for me.

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I was bored.

I didn’t have enough to do. Really, I had aaaaaalllll this free time, and then T said I could, so I got a puppy.

Cuz, puppies.




(Stats: lab/shepherd mix, female, about 10 weeks, probably named Juniper.)

Also, baby Bib Fortuna:


Jazz Hands!


Knitting, later.

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Ohs have been effed.

Last post I mentioned that someone was in need of a new cap, and lo, I made one.


Made of Silkie STR in In the Navy that Big Alice gave me ages ago. Based on this hat but my own pattern (details aqui), mostly on the fly. Did a little figuring ahead of time, and then when it was time to start the decreases I did something wrong, and was intoxicated at the time, and fortunately for me I couldn’t find a crochet hook or I’d have started laddering down the purls (which were, upon later reflection and more wine, actually correct). I tinked that first row of decreases, spaced them properly, and then it went fine from there.

This style of hat is not flattering to me.

Kindly ignore the pile of baby schtuff at my feet and look instead at the cool, vaguely architectural details at the top.

Also, the garden, she grows! All of the things are sprouting and they’re adorable. The boys go out every morning to check them out.


I will spare you all the photos I took of, at this point, nearly indistinguishable sprouts, but I will show you this:

Not sure if that’s the dill, the rosemary or the oregano, but each one of those little leaf-pairs is a millimeter across, tops. Cute!

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I did it! I really did it!

I planted a garden!

With some help from the Bug’s school learning garden, a couple of websites and articles and a little bit of googling, I managed to use one raised bed and several containers to plant a number of different seeds. (AND use up all those plastic grocery bags I’ve collected over the years, as filler for the bottoms of my ginormo-pots.) I have radishes, snap peas, shelling peas, beets, purple carrots, mustard, lettuce mix, green beans, and cucumbers. (I swear I’m missing something there.) Oh yeah! Some herbs – rosemary, dill and oregano. Dunno why I didn’t get any basil, but if I can find my other pots I can always get a seedling or three of that later. (Bug and Smacky both loooooove pesto and I love this lemony pesto-y stuff that a local restaurant makes, and I’m determined that we shall figure out how to make it ourselves.) The boys helped me plant a little, and I think they will help me water a little (though boys + hose = mess, so only a little) but I think they will really get excited when it comes time to harvest. I hope the weather cooperates and I can keep on top of things (and that the little system I rigged up to help the water drain from the plastic-bag-filled planters actually works) long enough to make this a successful venture.


In knitting knews, I am almost halfway through the second of four Christmas socks, but I had to stop that and cast on for a cap for a family member. I’m using some lovely STR Silkie that Big Alice sent me once upon a time, in a fabulous manly navy with enough light blue to look tweedy. I’m doing a version of this hat, only with my own gauge, stitch numbers and decrease placement for (I hope) a bit of a different effect at the crown. It’s not too fast but I’m still hoping to finish it this week and get it in the mail. This weekend we are heading to the hills for a couple days, and if I can stand to allow T to drive up the terrifying windy roads, I’ll have several hours of car knitting with which to entertain myself.

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Whoosh, again

Cuz three weeks are gone since last I posted, and I really had no idea.

We had a lovely party for Bubba at the park, even though it was still blisteringly hot. We borrowed an awning shady thing and found a table near a tree and managed, though. We had many many water balloons, a number of water guns, and even a few buckets of water originally intended to hold said water balloons and fill said water guns, but which became little tubs for cooling off.


Bubba got a new skateboard and a funky punk helmet.


A good time was had by all, and I did continue to wish that I’d given birth to Number One Son in a cooler time of the year…

But now, it is October, which means we are decorating for Halloween. Back on this day, I showed you some faux stained glass paint. This past weekend, we used that stuff and make ourselves some window clings.


I discovered a number of things:
1. Boys are messy.
2. Duh.
3. Crackle medium should be painted directly on whatever the finished item is, because it doesn’t like to be bent when you’re peeling it off the leading blanks
4. Duh.
5. Sticking the whole blank in the freezer makes it a little easier to peel the things off the blanks, but they warm up quickly.

We had fun, and the boys really love seeing their clings on the windows. I may have to redo the happy jack o lantern I made, because I destroyed it peeling it off the blanks (prior to discovering the freezer trick). The one I didn’t take a photo of was Bug’s Grim Reaper. Which led to discovery #6:

6. I cannot draw the Grim Reaper with faux leading very well at all, but
7. Bug is an accommodating kid and thought I did a great job, which
8. Reminded me that my kid is pretty excellent.

I attempted to make crayon stained glass as well, but I didn’t understand the instructions very well and that was just crackers. I may try that again one of these days but for now I’ll be getting out the store bought decorations too. And starting my garden…

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And another year flits by.





Happy Birthday, Bubba. We’re all better for having you around.

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A Christmas miracle!

I finished a gift well before I need it! (This does, I realize, ensure that I will lose it, buy or make something at the last minute to replace it, and find it when I return home from gifting the replacement.)


Pattern: Spiral Galaxy
Yarn: Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in Neptune’s Rainbow (I think)
Details of my version here.


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I can’t just drink it plain.

So, I think it was Lynn who facebooked this post on Buzzfeed. I thought it was a fab idea, so I saved a bottle from one of my recent enjoyments (only rieslings in the summer, darling). At work, one kitchen has an ice machine but a nasty water filter – the kitchen on the other side of the building has the good water filter but no ice. I brought my ginormo-bottle to work and filled it with Good Water to keep at my desk since the ice machine is just steps away. I felt a little self conscious with a huge wine bottle on my desk, though, so I had to dress it up a little. It didn’t come out quite the way I’d envisioned (for one, my love of sparkles ensures that even if I *plan* something understated with a French flair, I’m not going to be able to resist the glitter and come off like a circus clown) but I think I love it. And at least it doesn’t make my boss wonder what I’m doing all day…


(The pic doesn’t do it any favors.)

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Expecting the same results

Y’all know that definition of insanity, so I don’t have to repeat it here. Powerful delusion, though. Lately, it manifested itself in the belief that my life would settle down once Bug started school again. *WHY* I thought this, I have no idea. They’re still both doing swim lessons, Bug started Cub Scouts, and now he has homework on top of all that. There is no reason I should have thought that things would settle. But here we are.
I’m still anxious to be making the back yard into something usable (and would love to have something like hers, but that doesn’t happen here, even if I had the time and was willing to spend it on that, and c’mon, this is me.) It’s getting close to the time to plant a winter garden if I’m going to have one, which means I need to do a little prep work or admit defeat for another season. I want to plant my jasmine and my sweet peas so their little vines can be growing before it gets nasty-cold (plant-wise, yunnerstand). I want screens on my windows so when the weather is nice (which I admit isn’t for a couple months yet) I can open my windows wide.
I also keep thinking that “soon” I will be able to sit back in a clean, cozy house in a nice cozy sweater and knit before a fire with a cup of coffee and some nice music. I’m not entirely sure where this delusion came from, either, but it’s nice to contemplate.

In the meanwhile I have finished the Neverending Cowl of Interminable Infinity. No modeled pictures because that requires light, a camera, somewhat matching clothes, and having showered. These things converge very rarely. Here it be, on the arm of the chair, balancing most of the remaining yarn atop its loveliness.


Also, it is difficult to block a moebius scarf.

I moved on to some Christmas socks. They were going to be a red, larger version of last year’s Christmas socks, only due to a number of false starts and screw ups and fubared math, they will be plain, boring-but-squooshy 2×2 rib. Color not accurate, blah-blah-blah. (It’s a nice Christmas red in person.)


I shall be taking copious notes on this one, because in order to save my sanity (since it’s going to be acres of ribbing), I’ll alternate with the next Christmas sock, which will be narrow and small, but will be black. Ugh. At some point I plan to continue making socks for me (I have at least two on the go right now) but I don’t actually know when I’ll have the free time for such a thing, nor the desire to get back to it.

And, just cuz I can, pictures of big boys and little, all being cute.

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